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Aerosolutions licenses ABACUS to Billund Air Center
Aerosolutions announced today that it has licensed its JAR-FCL test preparation tool ABACUS to the Billund Air Center (Denmark) for use by students enrolled in its flight training program. The deal, which will make ABACUS available to all students, is an expansion of the school's previous use of ABACUS.
Qatar CAA chooses Aerosolutions for QCAR-66 examinations
Aerosolutions today announced that the Qatar Civil Aviation Authority has chosen to use the online JAR-66 test preparation tool AEOLUS to verify whether or not a maintenance engineer meets the required standards of behaviour as well as the academic standards and practical skills required under QCAR-66 and QCAR-147.
SAT extends cooperation with Aerosolutions
Swiss Aviation Training (SAT) has been using the online JAA test preparation tool ABACUS for all it's modular and integrated ATPL students. Today, Aerosolutions has been providing online training for over a 100 SAT ab-initio pilots.
Aerosolutions provides online training for SFA students
In future, the Sabena Flight Academy (SFA) ab-initio pilots will be optimally prepared for the JAA theoretical knowledge examinations: the online test preparation tool ABACUS of Aerosolutions will be integrated into the SFA training program.
Aerosolutions opens new office in Asia
Aerosolutions today announced the company's international expansion with the opening of its Asia Pacific office. The new headquarters based in Hong Kong will extend Aerosolutions global distribution of its aviation training software to organizations looking to improve training standards. Steven Verhasselt has been named Asia Pacific sales manager and will lead efforts throughout the region.
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HAA to implement Aerosolutions ELP Test
Aerosolutions has signed an agreement with the Horizon Aviation Academy.
ELP Test for Flight Dispatchers (ELP-OPS)
Aerosolutions launches new English language Proficiency Test for Flight Dispatchers.
Over 10,000 candidates complete ELP Test for Pilots.
Over 10,000 candidates have now completed the ELP Test, Aerosolutions' online Aviation English Test for Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers.
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