Anadolu University selects Aerosolutions products
Aerosolutions is pleased to add the Anadolu University, School of Civil Aviation, to our growing list of customers. The School of Civil Aviation, based in ESKİŞEHİR, Turkey, has chosen Aerosolutions Maintenance Training Material for their courses.

Anadolu University is considered one of the most modern, dynamic, and innovative universities not only in Turkey but around the world.The School of Civil Aviation was established in 1986 to provide qualified personnel for the rapidly growing Turkish Aviation industry. The School was the first educational and training organization in Turkey to meet all the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Association’s standards. Since there are a large number of career opportunities throughout the aviation industry, our graduates can easily find jobs.

The School of Civil Aviation offers an intensive combination of theoretical and laboratory courses in well designed and equipped facilities. The School has its own Airport with a 2600 m long illuminated runway, which is equipped with ILS, VOR, NDB and DME. It operates a fleet of 20 aircraft for in-flight laboratory teaching, and a maintenance center for repairing various types of aircraft.

The School has been supported by national and international aviation institutions and has mutual cooperation agreements with several aviation industries. It also provides special programs to offer in-service training to air traffic controllers, pilots and technicians for the state-owned and private aviation sectors. Anadolu University houses 12 faculties, 3 of which are distance education, 7 schools, 4 vocational schools, 9 institutes (4 graduate schools, 5 institutes) and 28 research centers and units.

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