ICARUS Learning Management System
ANTWERP, BELGIUM - Aerosolutions, a leading provider of aviation training products, today announced the availability of the ICARUS Learning Management System, a flexible, standards-based portfolio of e-learning components that will change the way flight training organisations organise distance learning courses.

Online or distance learning is moving students out of traditional classrooms and into non-traditional settings, making them part of a global learning community connected by computers and modems. Distance is no longer a consideration as students select training providers virtually anywhere in the world, enrolling in competitively- priced distance learning courses.

Joëlle Haerens, Director Sales and Marketing said, " Online training is here to stay, and a robust learning management system is an essential tool for organizing a company's training efforts. The combination of our well-known JAA ATPL test preparation tool ABACUS and our newly developed and highly advanced ICARUS Learning Management System will provide the foundation for the development of customer-tailored distance learning courses and puts Aerosolutions significantly ahead of the competition. Aviation training providers have a right to insist that the training content they need interoperate with their learning management system, so that they can focus on education, rather than administration," Bruno Segers, Icarus program manager added, "In conjunction with our partners, we have executed a specific marketing plan designed to reach the aviation training industry that we believe will benefit the most from the use of our Learning Management System."

The ICARUS Learning Management System solution is a strategic blend of advanced administrative and technical features. Highlights include:

  • Incorporation of learning objectives.
  • Ability to study whenever and wherever.
  • Capability of including course material from instructors, or Subject Matter Experts (SME's).
  • Seamless collaboration between students and teacher, ICARUS provides a robust environment within the Learning Management System for students and instructors to interact online. Features include threaded discussions and chats.
  • Implementation of all kinds of reference material.
  • On-line tests and progress monitoring.
  • Visualisation of the course 'master schedule'.
  • Flexible custom design of your distance learning courses
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Aerosolutions is a leading Training Solutions provider for the aviation industry. It delivers e-learning solutions to aviation training organisations, corporations, aviation authorities and other educational institutions, integrating its extensive learning capabilities in consulting, content design and research & development.
Aerosolutions helps customers achieve measurable returns on their learning investments and has already met the learning needs of many training organizations. More information about Aerosolutions Learning Management System is available on the web at www.aerosolutions.be

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