Convert to an EASA license
Do you have a professional pilot license issued by a non-EASA State and do you want to convert it to an EASA license? Aerosolutions offers a custom-made distance learning course that allows you to convert your non-EASA license to an EASA license. Converting to an EASA license can be somewhat involved and in some instances hard and time consuming.

To convert to an EASA Airline Transport Pilots Licence from an ATPL issued in another ICAO member state (i.e. USA, Canada, China ...) you need to:

  • Undertake an approved ground school course of tuition for the ATPL theoretical knowledge exams
  • Undertake flight training as required and determined by a Head of Training of an Approved Flight Training Organisation
  • Attain a Class 1 EASA Medical examination

However, if you hold an ATPL(A) issued in accordance with ICAO Annex 1 and you have at least 1.500hrs flying experience on a certified multi-pilot aeroplane, you are exempted from the requirements to undergo approved training prior to undertaking the theoretical knowledge examinations and the skill test, if that license contains a valid multi-pilot type rating for the aeroplane to be used for the ATPL(A) skill test. The Authority may be guided as to the credits to be granted on the basis of a recommendation from an appropriate training organisation.

To apply online for the EASA license conversion course, please fill out the Enrollment form and click the submit button. You can also print and fill out this form and mail or fax it to us.

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